Adventures of All that JAZZ is a platform to share the experiences I encounter in life and work as an Entertainment Business Professional. While the glitz and glam of my work and life are rewarding, along this journey I also stumble upon many challenges. However, it’s the lessons and experiences I learn from those obstacles which help me turn them into positives moving forward.  Hence, the reason for sharing my experiences is to inspire others to take some time and enjoy the moments in your own adventure and know you are ALL THAT! 

Get ready to experience a showcase of Music, Art, Food, Festivals, Award Shows, Dancing, Community Engagements, EMPOWERMENT and more!

  1. Emmanuel Cantos

    Adventures of all that jazz huh. I LIKE IT. Lets see how your adventures evolve. Maybe I can learn a few things here and there.

  2. Beautiful work lady! I feel inspired and empowered! I look forward to following future adventures!

  3. jazzy lady… it was delightful to meet you! and thanks for taking us along with you on your fun ADVENTURES!

    • Yes mam! It was a delight meeting you too!! Please keep posted for more of my ADVENTURES!! This journey keeps getting better and better!

      See ya around town,
      All That JAZZ!!

  4. Hello Ms. All That JAZZ,

    I must say, it was a pleasure meeting you at TIAN at the Riverbank for the Inspired In New York Event. Your energy and enthusiasm about life, and your passion for your profession is quite refreshing! I look forward to reading your future blogs and following your journey!

    All The Very Best,

    Phillip ‘Capone’ Theard

    • Mr. Phil Capone, I always enjoy meeting people on my journey and so glad we crossed paths at the event! It was a pleasure meeting you too! Thank you for the kind words and for coming along this journey with me! Stay tuned for more adventures and see ya around town! 🙂

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