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A Celebration for the Woman!

Hello Beautiful,

Today is our day to celebrate each other! The strength we carry, the courage we carry, the nurturing spirit we carry, and our whole feminine being. When I think about the role we carry in society, I think about our unique spirit and gifts we bring to humanity. Grace, appeal, support, and desire to be more than enough. One of my favorite songs to express the celebration of women is, “I’m Every Woman,” written by Ashford and Valerie Simpson because it tells the essence of how we are in so many ways. We have a super power and a super anointing and when we tap into what we are called to do, we have the ability to make some major World Changing moves.

I know, sometimes it’s not always easy. Trust, I too have been there. You desire to make those World Changing moves but just don’t know how to fully pull out your strength. But, if you ever feel those birthing effects of purpose wanting to push out, there is another sister out there who will be willing to help if you ask. Together we are stronger when we uplift and teach. The things we do can do naturally!

It’s our time to continue to shine by speaking life over ourselves and those things we desire. That same tongue we speak is also the same one that can curse the fruits we desire if we speak sour. Proverbs 18:21

So, take a moment right now and speak life! You are more than welcome to speak some of my favorite affirmations and declarations :

I can do all things -Philippians 4:13
I am fearfully and wonderfully made – Psalm 139:4
I am wealthy
I am who God says I am
I deserve good things
There are still good men out there and my future husband will find me (That’s for my single ladies.. If you’re married declare your marriage is healthy and strong)

Your gifts, talents and what you speak and even think is your super power and anointing. (Trust me, I know, I love to carry this strength and help other women do the same.) As your sister and mentor, I want to celebrate you were you are now because I believe the best is yet to come for you. So, go ahead and receive it all beautiful, you deserve it!!!

Happy International Women’s Day!!!



Celebrating Sisterhood at The Black Women’s Expo

There was a celebration indeed going on in Chicago at the McCormick Place the weekend of April 5-7. The Black Women’s Expo presented by State Farm held its 19th annual event which celebrated African American women by providing empowering seminars, national speakers, and live main stage entertainment as well as an exhibit hall for tons of shopping! Read the rest of this entry

Celebrating the Sista Within!

There was no better way I could have spent the day than to end Women’s History month by Celebrating the Sista Within at the 5th Annual Sista 2 Sista Youth Summit, Saturday, March 31, 2012 at the St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.  An empowering filled day of celebrations included engaging workshops, reflective activities which addressed issues that are faced in the lives of youth, and uplifting live entertainment helped make this event a memorable one that will leave a mark in the young girl attendees lives and give them new light as enter the real world!

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Leading Ladies with Inspired in New York

Women’s History month is a great time to reflect and honor women who are making their mark in society.While women are continually shattering glass ceiling, it’s always great to have a celebration which honors their contributions in society. On Tuesday, March 13, 2102 Inspired in New York held their Honoree series at Tian at the Riverside in Harlem, New York.


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A One On One Conversation with Vidya Rajagopalan

I just love celebrations!!!! Especially when it involves celebrating Women’s History Month!!! Listen to my latest adventure as I have a One on One Conversation with The President of The New York City Chapter of Women of Visionary Influence Inc., Ms. Vidya Rajagopalan! Vidya shares her story on which woman she admires and tells about the non-profit organization Woman of Visionary Influence Inc. Get ready to enjoy this adventure as we talk about phenomenal women and how you can get involved in this sisterhood and community! Read the rest of this entry

A One on One Conversation with Shelly-Ann Gordon

It’s February and the journey just keeps getting better! Listen to my latest adventure as I have a one on one conversation with an Important Player in the Banking Industry, Ms. Shelly-Ann Gordon! Shelly-Ann gives her story about her career path in banking and tells of her latest venture Your Vision Now Webinar Series. Get ready to enjoy this adventure as we discuss LOVE, PASSION, and DREAMS! Read the rest of this entry

What’s Love Got to Do With It?! Part II

It’s been three weeks into my 30-Day Self-Love Challenge and for those who missed my first post, the challenge gives an opportunity for individuals to choose themselves first. Not to be selfish in loving only themselves, but in the end of the challenge to carry the love they have for themselves and help others.

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?!

What better way to begin 2012 than to kick off the year with a 30-Day Self- Love Challenge! This challenge created by Akua Soadwa @akuasoadwa, Founder & Director of Gye Nyame Empowerment Project, gives an opportunity for individuals to choose themselves first. Not to be selfish in loving only themselves, but in the end of the challenge to carry the love they have for themselves and help others.

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Holiday Pop-up: Give

What better way to beat the holiday crowd than to shop, donate, and mingle with women leaders in the community by attending a Holiday Pop-up in Manhattan.  Michelle O Brunch, an organization which celebrates the success of women leaders in the African American community while creating a space for these individuals to continue to connect, empower, and learn from one another, hosted their 2nd Annual Holiday Pop-up: Give this Saturday at the SalonEco at Green Spaces in New York. Read the rest of this entry