Holiday Pop-up: Give

What better way to beat the holiday crowd than to shop, donate, and mingle with women leaders in the community by attending a Holiday Pop-up in Manhattan.  Michelle O Brunch, an organization which celebrates the success of women leaders in the African American community while creating a space for these individuals to continue to connect, empower, and learn from one another, hosted their 2nd Annual Holiday Pop-up: Give this Saturday at the SalonEco at Green Spaces in New York.

Being able to partake in the event as a guest allowed me to see what these women leaders in the community are doing as well as see what gifts I could GIVE to family and friends for the holidays! There was even live entertainment from Bossa Nova artist, Yvonne Moneira who graced us with some really pretty songs which put me in an even greater holiday spirit to GIVE! Every vendor had something for everyone on my list! Hence, I’m finished with my Christmas shopping!


I really enjoyed my time this afternoon at the Holiday Pop-Up and encourage you to check out these vendors to see who you can GIVE to for the holiday season or donate to an organization that empowers women and girls!

Michelle O Brunch Gift Guide 2011

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  1. Nice!!! I must attend with you next year. So tell me, what’s the gift of the season?

    • Please join me next time!! I’m always looking for a shopping buddy!;) All the vendors had something for everyone on their Christmas list, which made it soooo much better than hitting up the typical retail stores! Don’t tell any of my family or friends, but the gift of the season for them will be something that will allow them to “EXPRESS” themselves!! LOL Make sure to check out the Gift Guide for the “HAWT” items for the season!! Happy shopping!!

  2. This looked cool glad you had alot of fun. You have done alot of cool things!

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