Monthly Archives: June 2012

And the Beat Goes On…

One of my greatest passions is music. I can remember as a child flipping through my favorite radio stations and recording on my cassette player to make a soundtrack of all my favorite hits. My soundtrack would include a mix from Oldies, Pop, R&B, and my Hip-Hop! Of course my biggest challenge during my recording session was to know when to cue the stop button so I wouldn’t get the announcer or commercial. At times, when I missed my cue, I would have to delay my session by rewinding and then trying to find the spot where the interruption came in. Usually I would have to rerecord into the song and do my own announcing! After all, the soundtrack was mine so becoming DJ All that Jazz was appropriate!

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A One on One Conversation with Dana Dane

It’s June and I’m taking a moment to celebrate Black Music Appreciation Month!!! This is always a great time celebrate those who have made an enormous contribution to our culture!!! Listen to my latest adventure as I have a One on One Conversation with Hip-Hop Legend Dana Dane! Read the rest of this entry

Summertime in The Chi!

While it’s great to experience NYC during the summertime, it’s also great to see how Chicago gets down during this time of the year! An impromptu visit allowed me to take a “Chi Town” experience to another level. Perhaps the energy of New York was still in me, because I was greeted with industry peers who were getting ready for the TBS Just 4 Laughs special which kicks off June 12-17 in the loop of  the city. Read the rest of this entry

Whatever Will Be, Will Be…

With all the hustle and bustle going on in the city, it’s always great to have time to reflect and think about life. In today’s time, we live in a “microwave society”. Microwaves cook our food faster and that’s the pace we are living on our journey. In life, we want our careers, relationships, finances, and other desires, right now. We feel we have to make it to the top first, instead of simply living and embracing every moment we have. Read the rest of this entry