Whatever Will Be, Will Be…

With all the hustle and bustle going on in the city, it’s always great to have time to reflect and think about life. In today’s time, we live in a “microwave society”. Microwaves cook our food faster and that’s the pace we are living on our journey. In life, we want our careers, relationships, finances, and other desires, right now. We feel we have to make it to the top first, instead of simply living and embracing every moment we have.

While it’s wonderful to have a blueprint drawn out on how you want to fulfill your life, enjoy every moment and know that whatever will be, will be. Maybe your plans were to work within a certain function in your career, but with changes in your industry, your role changed, or maybe you thought you would have found “Mr. or Ms. Right” by the age of ____, or maybe you wanted your bank account to hold a lot of commas with zeros within a certain period of time.  While one may not be able to foretell the future, you have the ability to think positive and love life!  With perseverance, in the end, I’m sure you will be “All That and More” with all your accomplishments along your journey!

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. – Arthur Rubinstein

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  1. very encouraging words

  2. Gretchin Lee Noel

    Sometimes those very words will help people to go foward!! Keep spreading your Sunshine Love!

    • Hey Gretchin, thanks so much for joining me on this adventure! I believe while we are climbing the ladder to go to the top on our journey, it’s important we take time to smell the roses. Enjoy life and create your own adventures you can share! Thanks for the love and I’ll see you soon!

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