A New Tune for the New Year!

As we close on this year, there’s much to reminisce.

For some it was bliss while others had a lot of twist.

 My experience in 2013 was like a story on a movie screen! ‘Adventures of All That Jazz’ starring a young lady with a lot of pizzazz! Opening Act started while chilling in Chi-Town. Settling down while holding up her crown and spinning it all around.

New titles emerged and new possibilities surged. Scoring the best and inspiring the rest!

Living like a Queen and wouldn’t let go of the dream! Surrounded by superstars knowing life was not too far from the scene.

Her planned adventures were to go afar. Until God flared his star and whispered by far, “Where you are it’s time to go…listen to me and I’ll open another door.”

What a breath of fresh air to find out through the whole journey God was near and kept me in perfect steer! Who knew being back home would bring a new premier that would allow me bounds of indescribable cheer!?

Grateful of 2013 being on the scene. I look forward to taking 2014 on the screen!

I’m more serene and I thank God for giving me an awesome DREAM!

Wishing you a FABULOUS 2014 full of bliss and hope you continue to keep God in the mist!!!

 Happy New Year!!!

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 10.59.01 PM


All That Jazz

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