A One on One Conversation with Dana Dane

It’s June and I’m taking a moment to celebrate Black Music Appreciation Month!!! This is always a great time celebrate those who have made an enormous contribution to our culture!!! Listen to my latest adventure as I have a One on One Conversation with Hip-Hop Legend Dana Dane! Dana Dane shares his story on how he became involved into the music scene, what hip-hop has taught him, his novel, and how he’s involved with community engagement! Get ready to enjoy this adventure as we take a journey reflecting on the Golden Hip-Hop Era and more of what’s happening with Dana Dane!


For more information about Dana Dane:

Website: www.danadane.com

Facebook: Dana Dane

Twitter: @DanaDaneMedia

Listen to the rhymes of Dana Dane:  Cinderfella  Nightmares

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  1. This was really good

    • Hi Jason!!!! Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure as Dana Dane and I took it back to the Golden Hip-Hop Era!! Please stay tuned for more adventures with #peoplemakingmoves. See ya soon!

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