What’s Love Got to Do With It?!

What better way to begin 2012 than to kick off the year with a 30-Day Self- Love Challenge! This challenge created by Akua Soadwa @akuasoadwa, Founder & Director of Gye Nyame Empowerment Project, gives an opportunity for individuals to choose themselves first. Not to be selfish in loving only themselves, but in the end of the challenge to carry the love they have for themselves and help others.

In just my first week of completing a portion of this challenge, I’ve learned a profusion amount about self-love. From honoring myself through the eyes of my elders, forgiveness, gratitude, and reflections, I’ve created an opportunity for me to commit to myself.  Each day you have a chance to become a better person. So, why not start with loving yourself so you can give love to others?!

One of my favorite classic songs is by Luther Ingram, which is titled, If Loving You is Wrong.  The first verse says the following:

If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! 

Absolutely deep! Which is why I made this my favorite love quote. But, because this challenge is about self-love the “YOU” is now “ME”.

If loving “ME” is wrong, I don’t wanna to be right!

While this journey has just begun, I look forward to completing the rest of the challenge and seeing what loving me even more will do to help others! In the end, I’m sure I’ll find out “What’s Love Got to Do With It”. 😉


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  1. “What’s love got to do it with it,” is a very inspiring and well put blog, especially to those of us that struggle with self-love and bringing that struggle into the new year. Often, we search for
    love in a man or woman to make us feel complete; however, we must first find it within ourselves and love ourselves first!!!

    • Deidre, I’m glad you found this post very inspiring! A new year is an opportunity for individuals to start fresh and work on themselves personally as well as professionally. However, it’s many times, we focus on everything else and not take time out for ourselves to develop “self-love”.

      This challenge has allowed me to take time out for myself so I can refuel with self-love and positive energy so I can give back to others and help them along their on adventure. It is very often we search for love in all the wrong places to make us feel complete, but just as you mentioned, the real love should be found within ourselves!!! It’s one of the best gifts in life!!! ❤

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