A One on One Conversation with Royale Watkins

Listen to my latest adventure as I have a one on one conversation with the talented writer, actor, and comedian Mr. Royale Watkins! Royale gives his story about his career as a stand up comedian and tells of his latest venture as cofounder of the Mixtape Comedy Show where Anthony Anderson and himself host the show every 3rd Sunday in New York City at the Gotham Comedy Club.

For more information about Royale:

Website: www.royalewatkins.com

Twitter: @RoyaleWatkins 

Facebook: Royale Watkins 

Want to see how the Mixtape Comedy Show gets down! Click here to find out!

For more information about Mixtape Comedy Show:

Website: www.mixtapecomedy.com

Twitter: @MixtapeComedy

Facebook: Mixtape Comedy Show

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  1. you sound so professional and like you have been doin this for years and years good interview

    • Glad, you found the interview insightful, Dalia! It was really great to have a conversation with Royale and hear more about his story! You definitely have to check out more about him on his website! He’s making moves!!!!! Stay tuned for more of my adventures!!

  2. Great interview Ms. Jasmine!

  3. Totally dig the interview. Your voice is amazing Jazz! Nice work!

    • Thank you so much!!! Glad I could share interesting information about Royale’s background and career! Keep posted for more of these adventures with People Making Moves!!! 😉

  4. Woww I LOVED that Royale Watkins Interview! I had no idea he was in the Marines (BullDogs) aruu LOL! The interiew was so informative and it just show that you have to push through any hard times and just keep fighting and YOUR dream will be REALITY! I Love this JAZZY keep GOING!

    • Thanks Gretchin for tuning in!! Yes, Royale has such an interesting background! This interview let me know that if you follow your passion you can succeed with your DREAMS!! Thanks again Gretchin for your support and stay tuned for more adventures with People Making Moves!!

  5. Loving the interview Jasmine!! I didn’t know the back story to the show and Royale’s background with all these siblings and working as an electrician!! Mark Curry is incredibly funny too, so was glad to hear about that influence as well as Bill Cosby actually writing sitcoms in his head while on stage… wow!!

    I love the live streaming and try to check it out most months when i’m not in NY!!

    Great interview!! Will be checking back to listen to more of your blog!!

    • DebraD, thank you for listening!! I was amazed with Royale’s background as well!! I must say his influential background definitely guided him to a great career!!

      SN: I’m a huge fan of Mark Curry and Bill Cosby myself!!

      Glad you tune into the live stream and are on #teamroyale!! Keep posted for more adventures as I have more One on One Conversations with People Making Moves!!

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