What’s Love Got to Do With It?! Part II

It’s been three weeks into my 30-Day Self-Love Challenge and for those who missed my first post, the challenge gives an opportunity for individuals to choose themselves first. Not to be selfish in loving only themselves, but in the end of the challenge to carry the love they have for themselves and help others.

The week two activity focused on Taking Stock of Where my Word Is. This activity consisted on working on the following areas of life:

  •   Family
  •   Finances
  •   Health & Wellness
  •   Career
  • Romance\Partnership
  • Living a Life I ♥

Through this activity I was able to reflect on how I commit to my promises by analyzing who I made these commitments to, what plan of action I chose to achieve the commitment, what fears I had about the life factor, what type of encouragement I needed, and what type of support systems did I have to commit to the chosen area.

As I reflected on various commitments I’ve made in the past, I realized there were some categories I still need to develop in so I could continue to be All that Jazz. Here’s one area I would like to share with you all.

Area: Health & Wellness

I promised myself to work out everyday and ended up not doing because of my laundry list of excuses pertaining to the weather, my hair, my schedule, etc. I used all these excuses because I really didn’t make working out a priority.

However, I’m ready to take back my POWER and work on my FITNESS again! 1st step will begin by preparing to address the baggage around my body with the next activity with the Self-Love Challenge…


What I loved the most about the week three challenge was the opportunity I gave myself to make wise choices in the way I treated my body through the foods I consumed. I was able to evaluate how my body responds to these foods and determine what was going on with me emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Monday’s menu was the following:

  • Breakfast: Organic Oatmeal with Bananas, Honey, and Raisin
  • Lunch: Smart One’s Broccoli and Chicken
  • Dinner: Rotisserie Chicken with Mixed Vegetables
  • Beverages consumed: Water and Apple Juice

These food choices made me feel really good about myself and gave me that boost to make it a great week! However, once the weekend came around, the choices I made in my food intake were more relaxed and involved foods that satisfied me for the moment but not something that would empower me.

What I realized was my body is my temple and I am what I eat. Would I rather have a consistent schedule for the week resembling to my Mondays menu or consuming foods that let me know the weekend is here, by indulging in foods that satisfy me for the moment, but leave me feeling empty afterwards?

I choose ELEVATION!!

Feeding your body physically and spiritually helps you embrace yourself to an unbelievable capacity. As I think about what I’m not, and also what I AM, the song “I Am Not My Hair” by India Arie speaks boldly to me by explaining, “I am no one’s expectation, but a soul that lives within.”

The only thing I should expect from me is to fall madly in love with myself so I help others develop the love within them!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure and I’ll make sure to keep you posted on the outcome of my self-love challenge in helping others throughout the year!


All that Jazz

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  1. So true!! I think everybody should set this kind of things organized to see how you reach the goals and yeah we are not just our bodies +)

    • Yes mam, Lilia. What I enjoyed most about this challenge was the self-assessments I took. It allowed me the opportunity to reflect on some of the areas of life I was successful in and what I needed to work on to achieve those goals. We are not just our bodies, but the spirit and soul that live within! ♥ That’s what love has to do with it…

  2. Dig that line….. The only thing I should expect from me is to fall madly in love with myself so I help others develop the love within them!

    Keep it up Jazz! Love it!

  3. yea i hope this works out for you it would drive me crazy

    • Jason, I must say it has worked for me!! I fell in love with myself all over again with this challenge!! It was definitely worth taking out some “me time” to do a challenge like this. I have a feeling you will love doing a challenge like this!! I’m rooting for you!!!

  4. Really enjoyed this post I decided that my focus this year would be in improving myself, however I am somewhat stuck in neutral but after reading this I have some new ideas to try. THANKS 🙂

    • Ronica, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! We all have our hurdles we face, but finding new ways to improve ourselves is the beauty of self-empowerment! I enjoyed doing this challenge and hope you can join me so we can both be empowered by the power of loving ourselves unconditionally!! I’m rooting for you sister!!

  5. This is great Jas, I love that you included the Health and Fitness, I am always on and off the bandwagon but truly believe aligning of body and mind is the only way to operate at our fullest potential.The energy that follows will take care of the career and relationship 🙂

    Looking forward to tracking you on your journey ….

    • Shelly-Ann, thanks for your comment! I know how it feels to come on and off the bandwagon in some areas of life. But, the key I noticed is taking a mind of matter attitude. In order for me to operate at my fullest potential, I need to continue to develop personally. This challenge allowed me to fall in love with myself all over again and now that I’m feeling zest, I can continue to develop myself in areas of my life and help others.

      Guess I found out what love has to do with it!!! I look forward to having you join me on this journey! xoxo

  6. Sandler Francois

    I have spent about an hour looking through your site…AND I LOVE IT!!!!! ( I am supposed to be working now so that shows you that I fell into it and you do a wonderful job at grabbing ones’ attention). See you around Greendesk!!!

    • Sandler, I’m glad I was able to grab your attention!! Whew, a whole 60 minutes huh!? Well, That’s always great to hear!! Thank you, for reading/hearing/viewing and All that Jazz….I hope you can continue to join the journey for more of my adventures!!! 🙂

  7. Wow Jazz! Thanks for sharing your trip. You described it so well I felt like I was there:) I am glad you enjoyed. Congratulations on all of your success and hard work! Thanks for that saying you posted about not having anything to lose by trying something new!!!. Jazz you please have an excellent weekend! Much love and prayers on success from me to you. peace

    • Wesley, thanks for joining me and I’m glad you felt apart of my adventure as well! I really appreciate all of your kind words, its greatly appreciated! I’m really glad we crossed paths and look forward to meeting up again along this journey! Wishing you all the best Wesley!

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