A One on One Conversation with Shelly-Ann Gordon

It’s February and the journey just keeps getting better! Listen to my latest adventure as I have a one on one conversation with an Important Player in the Banking Industry, Ms. Shelly-Ann Gordon! Shelly-Ann gives her story about her career path in banking and tells of her latest venture Your Vision Now Webinar Series. Get ready to enjoy this adventure as we discuss LOVE, PASSION, and DREAMS!

For more information about Your Vision Now Webinar Series:

Website: yourvisionnow.com

Facebook: Your Vision Now


Click HERE to register for the next Your Vision Now Webinar Series!!!!!

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  1. as always you have some very informative and very interesting blogs and very insightful people

    • Jason, thanks for always coming along with me on my adventures! I try to stumble upon informative information and insightful people! That’s what makes this adventure ALL THAT!! Stay tuned for more adventures with PEOPLE MAKING MOVES!! 😉

  2. Jas, thanks so much for opening the opportunity to share with your network. You are an amazing talent. Your energy is just phenomenal. Can’t wait for your next adventure

    • Awww, Thank you Shelly-Ann! It’s always a pleasure to spotlight people making moves!! I appreciate you for taking the time to share your story and look forward to tuning into some of your webinar series!! Stay tuned for my next adventure!! 😉

  3. Jazzy – as always you have presented persons of interest at every level. It is astonishing the way to grab the African American culture and share the knowledge.

    • Ms. Penny, thank you so much for the feedback and for joining me on this adventure! It was really great to speak with Shelly-Ann as she shared her story about how she climbed her way up the corporate ladder! The beauty of the story is her keys to success mentioned can be utilized in any industry!! I always enjoy sharing knowledge to build the people! Stay tuned for more of these adventures… 😉

  4. Nice Interview Jas. This woman is on the come up and doing her thing!! Its nice to move forward and get into a zone doing what you like to do!!

    • Thanks Debra! Yes, this woman is doing her thing!! It’s always great to see woman leaders doing what they love!! And as a bonus, helping others to discover their passion too!! LOVING IT!! #peoplemakingmoves Stay tuned for more adventures!! 😉

  5. She’s on it.. Great people always make interviews interesting, great choice..

    • Yes Rief, I agree she’s definitely on it!!! She explained to us the key to success in her industry and this is what anyone could use no matter what industry they are in. Thank you for tuning in, and stay tuned for more of these adventures!! 🙂

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