Fashion Frenzy in the City!

Fashion Week has come and gone, but here’s what I captured from it all! On February 11, 2012 Iman Cosmetics gave an informative evening of consultations and conversations with the theme An Iconic Beauty in Every Era at the Hue-Man Bookstore in Harlem, NY. Iman Cosmetics industry experts, Byron Barnes, Make-up Artist to the stars, along with Desiree Reid, General Manager, talked about the evolution of beauty, the Iman product line, and educated the guest on the importance of keeping your skin up to par. Luckily, others can get this invaluable information through Iman’s book entitled, The Beauty of Color: The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Skin of Color.


Alongside #teamIman were Madeline Mccray and her son Terahshea McCray where they discussed in the conversation the benefits of being beautiful on the inside and out. Thus being said, the mother and son team expressed how a healthy lifestyle is an important factor to keep up charming looks and a healthy body. Beauty can appear on the outside from different cosmetics we apply. However, like the saying goes, “True beauty comes from within”! So, keeping the mind, body, and soul vibrant will help display the light of beauty and enhancements from cosmetics will put the final touch on the person to top it off!! To read about the important benefits of health with #teammccray check out their book Healthy Women Rock.

While I love being educated about beauty, you know I always have to swing through a fashion show to check out the latest designs for the coming seasons!! Because what would a “Fashion Frenzy” be like without the FASHION!? On February 15, 2012 Raul Penaranda showcased his fall/winter 2012 women’s rtw collection. With the theme Midnight Opulence, I knew this show would be filled with surprises on the runway and in the crowd (Cynthia Bailey from Atlanta Housewives was in the building)!!!

An array of styles for every mood was displayed for this collection. From metallic laced cocktail dresses to opulent sequined mini dresses. Pernaranda had the crowd oohing and ahhing for all his designs! Colors for the evening were ash grey, beaver, blue gray, bass, bronze, and café au lauit! I must say it’s a very nice color scheme to enter the fall and exit the winter of 2012. Check out some of the designs from the show below:

Now that I’ve gotten the Fashionista“ness” out of me, I can use the showcase of fashion events I attended to hits the streets and turn some heads! After all, I am “All That” Jazz!!

Thanks for the company!!

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  1. errr umm i think this one is out of my relm

    • Aww Jason!! Sorry buddy, but I’m sure I’ll be on some adventure next time that will be more in your realm. Stay tuned for more as you never know what journey I might take you on! Thanks for your continued support!! 😉

  2. Great post! Beautiful Pics!

    • Hey Jurnee! Thanks for checking out this adventure!! It seems we have something in common on this one!! FASHION! Hope you stay tuned for more of this amazing journey!! 🙂

  3. Love the photos…This site always keeps me ontop of thingss

  4. Looking good Jazz. keep it up! when I get my poetry book together, I’ma need you girl….

  5. “True beauty comes from within” That’s so true. Another great adventure

    • I so agree Rief!! Lots of time people think it’s the outer appearance, but TRUE BEAUTY comes from within!! LOVE yourself on the inside by maintaining your heart, mind, and spirit to expose your BEAUTY!! ❤ Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for more adventures!! 😉

  6. Awesome photos and great inspiration to get some outfits together!! Thanks Jazzy!

    • Hey Michelle! Thanks for joining me on this adventure!! I’m so with you; let’s hit the malls and go on a shopping spree!! Stay tuned for my next adventure…who knows, it might just be me in the mall!! Lol 😉

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