Thanksgiving Thoughts

I hope all of you had a very HAPPY Thanksgiving filled with fellowship and great cuisines! As I reflect on my adventures from last year to this date, I’m constantly reminded of all the things I’m GRATEFUL for! My laundry list of “THANKS” stretches beyond measure. However, I’m most grateful for God’s grace, my family, friends, and adopted brothers and sisters.

Everyday should be a day of THANKS and appreciation for every moment in our lives. It’s through these times that lessons are learned and we can continue to develop as a people.  Ms. Diana Ross’ song “Reach Out and Touch” sets the tone for giving THANKS by helping others along our journey.

If you see an old friend on the street

And he’s down

Remember his shoes could fit your feet

(Just try)

Try a little kindness you’ll see

It’s something that comes very naturally

We can change things if we start giving

{Diana Ross |Reach Out and Touch}

This time last year I spent my Thanksgiving in NYC serving the community at Convent Avenue Baptist Church and the spirit in the place was absolutely fervent. This year, I wanted to keep the spirit alive and make a tradition to serve on Thanksgiving Day! While it was great to be reunited with the regular crewmembers, it was also a pleasure to work with new crewmembers as well. Through great leadership, preparation, and teamwork, I’m pleased to say we made somebody’s Thanksgiving Day memorable to “reach out and touch somebody’s hand” and serve!

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Continue to give THANKS and let’s “just try” to help “Make this world a better place”!



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  1. God bless you and happy Thanksgiving

  2. Thank you for sharing your thanksgiving story. It was very touching and moving. It’s good to read about people like you. God Bless

  3. this is a great post!! keep it up jasmine 🙂

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