The Hip-Hop Pioneer

On Saturday, November 3, The 23rd Annual Chicago Humanities Festival explored the culture of hip-hop through a lecture entitled The Hip Hop Pioneer led by Tricia Rose, author of Black Noise and Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University. Rose introduced the humanities of hip-hop and presented the topic on the evolution of this musical genre in the mainstream world.

Questions in the audience raised more topics to be discussed ranging from music sampling, the hip-hop influence in the gospel genre, the five elements of hip-hop, and the break down on consumer spend in hip-hop music.



The lecture gathered a new and diverse audience to learn about the culture of hip-hop and how the music plays a part in society. From the various topics discussed, the audience was able to follow the rhythm Rose provided thorough an explanation on hip-hop culture. As a closing bonus, the lecture ended with an audience participant combining beatboxing and playing the harmonica as his personal art form which combined hip-hop and blues.

More exciting festival events are taking place at the Chicago Humanities Festival until November 11. Create your own adventure and explore the humanities!

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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