Hello world!

My favorite part about meeting new people is introducing myself and learning about others.  The introduction is my chance to tell whoever I’m with who I am within 30 seconds and become hopeful I haven’t lost them in my spill so we can continue to engage in conversation. Hoping the individual will remember me for not only for our conversation, but my spirit as well.

So, here’s my 30-second spill for you!


Jasmine, but I go by “All that Jazz”! Not to be conceited, but CONFIDENT that I am ALL THAT in being JAZZY, AMBITIOUS, ZEALOUS, and ZIPPY! Yes, I’m a personality by nature, on the radio and starting projects in front of the camera.  Now, I’m a blogger! Taking you on a ride with me on the experiences I encounter in life and work as an Entertainment Business Professional. So, sit back, relax, share with a friend, and enjoy as I take you on this journey with me…

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  2. ALL THAT JAZZ!!! I AM so excited to be apart of your world

  3. Patrick Monahan

    Jasmine – you truly are amazing. Didn’t know you had it all like that! 🙂

  4. This is awesome! Just what I’ve been looking for. Can’t wait for future posts.

  5. Just wow!

  6. Thanks Jazz for expressing the importance of financial health. The D.R.E.A.M. looks like a great organization that helps youth as well as adults, practice healthy financial actions.

    • Wesley thanks for joining me on this adventure! Yes, it is so important to have daily check ups on your financial health! How awesome is it to have an organization that helps unrepresented youth build a foundation they can carry into their adulthood. #moneymatters Stay tuned for more adventures!

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