2011 Circle of Sisters

What a beautiful Saturday it was to attend the 2011 Circle of Sisters Expo at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. The Expo brought along a great crowd and the people waited eagerly to get into the venue filled with many entertainment options.  Once I entered the venue, I scanned the area and made my way to the vendors to see what the best buys were for the day. While swiveling my way through the crowd, I ran into my NABJ colleague, Doshon Farad, who was spreading the word about The Movement Magazine (www.themovementmagazine.net) and Multimedia Journalist, Chantell Black.

While I love mingling, I’m also a music lover and once I heard some of my favorite tunes near the Performance Stage I two stepped my way over to see what the hype was about! During my time spent near the location, I ran into Keith Sweat, Jeff Fox, Eddie Love, EGYPT, Rief Rawyal, Wish, Chubb Rock and his lovely wife, La La, DJ Diamond, Xanda, Kangol Kid, and a host of others dancing and having a good time!!

Although I didn’t show off my entire dance moves near the Performance Stage, I took the party back to the vendor section and had a chance to join in the fun at the Harlem YMCA booth. I sure had my fun and will definitely add some new moves to the dance floor!

With all the events going on for the day, I made sure to stop at the Main Stage to see the Family Feud Game hosted by Steve Harvey. This portion of the Expo had me in rolling in tears from the responses the families gave. Even Anthony Anderson joined in on the fun and gave the audience lots of laughs with his entertaining answers to the questions.

I was even able to catch the cooking demonstrations at the Grace Foods Culinary Corner where I had a chance to see Jeff Henderson, Sunny Anderson, and Darrin Henson whip up some healthy dishes.

Like expected, I knew I would have a Saturday event filled with an adventure!  And if my agenda allows me to attend tomorrow, I’ll be at the Circle of Sisters Expo again to have another EMPOWERING star studded day!

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  1. I love the blog! Bless God for your Dreams!

  2. Hello Jasmine. I like the blog alot. The Circle of Sisters story was very informative and exciting. It made me wish I was there. Kurt Boone

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