Reflecting on the Monument

An impromptu trip to the nation’s capital allowed me to recapture old stomping grounds into a new light.  While it was great to be among friends and visit on a weekend where the excitement was in the city for Howard University’s homecoming, I also had an opportunity to visit the Martin Luther King memorial.

The mellifluous spirit that overtook the monument area made me reflect on the journey King embarked to help push our nation towards a future of unity.  It was really great to see families, organizations, and people from all race, creed, and color speculate the memorial.

To be able to capture and reflect on a man who steered a movement to help the betterment of the nation is one that I am still in awe about and look forward to visiting again.

Thank you for your vision of America Dr. King!

***Shout out to “VA All Day” for her warm hospitality and creating memories in D.C.***

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