A One on One Conversation with Gary Anthony Sturgis

Listen to my latest adventure as I have a One on One Conversation with the multi-talented actor, writer, producer, and director, Mr. Gary Anthony Sturgis! Gary tells his story on how he started his career in the entertainment industry, shares his latest projects where his roles are lightened up from the norm, and gives advice on how to break into this industry! Get ready for this engaging adventure as we talk about his career and developing roles in the entertainment industry! 

For more information about Gary Anthony Sturgis:

Twitter: @MovieStarG

Facebook: Gary Anthony Sturgis 

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer of Battlefield America!!

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  1. aww man this was good

    • Thank you Jason for tuning in! It was really great to be able to chat with Gary and hear his story! He’s definitely making moves and I’m looking forward to seeing his upcoming projects really soon!! Stay tuned for more “People Making Moves” real soon!

  2. Gregory O'Gwinn, Jr.

    Really good!!!

    • Hi Gregory, welcome to my adventures! I’m sooo glad you had a chance to tune in! I had a blast talking to Gary and hope you can check out some of his upcoming projects!! Stay tuned for more adventures and “People Making Moves”! See ya soon!!

  3. Actually not a bad guy for takin time to be interviewed.. Great work

    • Rief, thanks for keeping it locked to my “People making Moves”! Gary was such a pleasure to talk to and I’m looking forward to his roles in comedy. This will be a side so different from the “bad guy” role. I’m soooo geeked to see “Battlefield America” and watch Gary showing his moves doing the electric slide! lol Stay tuned for more adventures!

  4. Great interview. Great questions. Great voice, you sound amazing Jaz! Keep up the great work and I can’t wait for the next interview.

    • Hey Chaz!! Thanks soooo much for tuning in!! I really appreciate all the “GREAT” compliments! I’m blushing!! lol Talking to Gary was really fun and I’m glad I had the opportunity to interview him! 🙂 I’m sooo EXCITED that you can’t wait for the next interview; so stay tuned I’m sure you will be in for a treat!!!

  5. That was a very nice interview. I enjoyed every minute of it! Keep up the great work.

    • Dave! Welcome to my adventures and thank you soooo much for tuning in!! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed every minute of it! I enjoyed talking to Gary myself and learned some pretty neat things about him! Please stay tuned for more “People Making Moves” and more adventures!! Thanks for the company!! 🙂

  6. I love the way you express yourself…it would be awesome if we could have the opportunity of checking this out on TV!!…I will def stay tuned!!

    • Hector, Thank you so much for the compliment! I just love expressing myself!! It was easy to do that with Gary, he had such a great story and I was intrigued. Hmmm.. TV huh? lol Stay tuned..

  7. A very well done interview, I had no idea that he was so musical.

    • JoeLew, Thanks sooo much!! It was really great talking to Gary!! Yes, I was shocked at his musical background too!! That was my “A ha” moment!! He’s definitely making moves!! Stay tuned for more adventures!!! 😉

  8. Wow!! That interview was great.. It was realy cool to hear about that side of Gary we really don’t know.. Thanks Gary and Thank Jasmine. You are All That Jazz!!

    • Thank you Todd!! Yes, Gary has an interesting background and I’m so glad we had the chance to hear about his “multi” sides in the industry. He’s definitely making moves!! Thanks again for tuning in as I keep it All that “Jazz” lol!! Stay tuned for more adventures!

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