What Have ‘I’ Done For Me Lately!

While fortunate enough to have experienced another run of the week with various adventures, I made time to do something for me! Maybe because the song “What Have You Done For Me Lately” by Janet Jackson came on rotation this week and of course the song stayed in my head all week long! So I started thinking, “All that Jazz, what have you done for YOURSELF lately?”

Play my favorite sport … TENNIS

With the background music of Top Tracks for Janet Jackson playing, I wanted to share my experiences on the court ….

All Nite” on Friday I was gearing up for my tennis session which was held early this morning. From getting hydrated, resting up, and making sure my bag was packed, I was in the best mood ever and all I could think about was being on the court with my lil’ fuzzy green ball and knowing that being “Together Again” I could see a future win! Nothing seemed to matter but the game and to make the score ‘love- love’ go away!


I can honestly say I missed this sport so much! Being on the court made me  “So Excited” and while I was getting “Feedback” from mentors, I said to my opponent,’“Let’s Wait A While” so I can get my strategy together’ (Not typical on the court, but worked since it was all for fun! lol). It’s “Funny How Time Flies” when you are having fun on the court and learning new techniques to keep your game up. The one skill I learned to keep me successful in the game is to make em’ “Go Deep,” but hit the ball with speed. It’s all about the score and if you know how a tennis match plays out, “That’s the Way Love Goes”.

Yes, I gave you all a tip on how to be like me on an “Escapade” tennis match win! But, with this tip, you will be able to take on a match, “Any Time, Any Place” and get your fitness on, all while having fun! Hope you find the tip useful and enjoyed my “writing karaoke” because this entertainment was “All for You”! 😉

Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow – Anne Wilson Schaef

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  1. I see u gettin ready for the US Open- advantage Jazzy..

  2. Rief, you already know!! Looking forward to taking my adventures there!! Stay tuned… Might be in for a US Open “SPECIAL”! 😉

  3. stay with it

  4. Gretchin Noel

    I Love Jazz. She is so active and intouch. I don’t know now what would be her first LOVE ..Salsa or nowww Tennis!!

    • I love Gretchin!! Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure!! It was great to get out on the court and play my favorite sport!! Yes, salsa dancing will still be my first love. Just wanted to try something else. lol Stay tuned for more adventures, might be some salsa dancing in the mix! 😉

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