A One on One Conversation with Tamika Jett

It’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!!! Always a great time to promote healthy living and work out with various fitness styles!!! Listen to my latest adventure as I have a One on One Conversation with Founder/Choreographer of Passion Dance Center, Ms. Tamika Jett! Tamika shares her story on how she fell in love with dance, the benefits of dance regarding health and wellness, and how you can get involved. Get ready to enjoy this adventure as we talk about fitness with a dancing flair!

For more information about Tamika Jett:

Website: www.passiondancecenter.com

Twitter: @passiondanceTAM

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  1. she makes me tired just thinkin about all that physical activity

    • Jason, thanks for joining me on this adventure!! Tired? Really!!? By thinking about it?! Haha! Well, I hope to see you working on your fitness soon!! That way, I can be your witness! lol Enjoy this active month and stay tuned for more adventures!

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