Dancing in September

Every moment we have the opportunity to do something that will allow us to walk in our purpose in life. It’s our chance to experience greatness and celebrate our accomplishments with our on special dance. I was tuning in to a classic song by Earth, Wind, and Fire called “September” and the joyful beats made me reminisce on everything that has happened in my life thus far this year; from relationships, career, and dreams. While obstacles may have tried to get in the way of the path I was going, determination and knowing that the moment in time I have is precious allowed me to have my own special dance in September.

Love life and know that obstacles are there to build you on your journey. Know that you are ALL THAT and can achieve any and everything you want. Celebrate the time you have created something great and have a special dance for each month especially while you are “Dancing in September”!


All that Jazz

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