The Joy of Christmas!

I just love the Christmas holiday! For me, it’s a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and rejoice for all the great things he has done for me as well as others. I’m so grateful each year for everything I come across in my journey in life. Whether it’s the highs or the lows. The chance to have lived through each encounter makes it a joyous experience. The ultimate bonus is being able to have had the adventure with Jesus. Without him, my journey would be quite lackluster.

Christmas Joy

The sweet spirit of Christmas always touches my soul and I hope I will be able to reach out and touch somebody else’s heart this holiday season. I believe the joy of Christmas is about giving back, which is what Jesus does for me 365 days a year. Then, when he blesses me with a leap year, he gives back to me 366 days.  To marinate on that thought makes me realize how AMAZING he is! Everyday I try to give back to others whether it’s a smile or a kind gesture. However, giving back on Christmas day means so much to me because it’s one of the joys of Christmas, which I can share with others! Wherever you are, I wish you and yours a happy holiday season, and however you spend your Christmas, embrace all the JOYS of this special day! Trust and believe, I will.

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