New Year Thoughts for 2013

Dear Friends,

It’s not all the time I have a chance to walk along the Chicago River during the winter and reflect on all the great things that have happened during my adventures in the current year. As I reminisce on my journey, it makes me proud that I achieved some of my greatest dreams. From having a chance to talk to you all about my adventures, to meeting some of my role models, becoming a role model, and taking amazing risk. I can truly say that this year was a journey of following my heart to reach my success.

While there are many things I accomplished this year, there are still more that could have been done. However, that’s the beauty of this thing called, “life”. We dream of these aspirations and although those goals may not be completed within a certain time frame, we have another chance to dream again and execute those goals even better than what was planned previously. Maybe, it wasn’t meant for that “thing” to develop yet. There may have been a lesson for you to learn to help ramp you for the new possibilities which are to come in your life. So whether your goal was to travel more, start your dream career or become in an amazing relationship with that special someone, know that as the new year approaches, you have another chance to make your dreams come true.

This year, for me, I look forward to living more, cherishing everything, loving more, as well as dreaming and executing more! As we celebrate the New Year, look at your own path and envision how you what 2013 to look for you. Imagine the ice melting and see a new life breaking through for you on your new adventure in 2013!


Happy New Year!!!

Love and all the best,

“All that Jazz” 

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  1. i liked this it was really good

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